2022-07-15 19:46:45 By : Ms. Carol Huang

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If you're anything like me, you hate weeds but are nervous about using those commercial weed killers that experts say can cause cancer through prolonged exposure. I have found the perfect solution of natural ingredients and I'm here to tell you it really works.

When I first mixed up this solution, I poured it into a squeeze bottle and started squeezing away. My bottle and my sore fingers only lasted a few minutes. I then concluded that I needed a better sprayer and I needed to mix my safe concoction in bulk.

I started by purchasing a Round Up 8 gallon tank backpack sprayer. This item takes 8 gallons of my mixture and there's a convenient pump that allows me to keep the spraying powerful. This specific unit is actually manufactured in New York Mills by the Fountainhead Group. It's available in all of the hardware stores and when you buy this brand, your supporting local workers. Obviously, the device is branded Roundup, but I use my very safe recipe in it and as long as it's cleaned thoroughly each time, it works perfectly for my application.

The Recipe is pretty simple. Mix all of the ingredients very well. Make sure everything including the salt dissolves. Then it's time to pour it into your sprayer.

The Safe Weed Killer Recipe

I pour all ingredients into a pail of water and let them sit for a while and after a good store, everything dissolves. I then spray generously over the weeds in hopes of getting the liquid down into the roots.

Wonder how well it works? Check out this photo of my weed filled sidewalk.

I was shocked to see after applying the weed killer that even after about an hour, some of the weeds were already wilting.

Then, I waited a full 24 hours and couldn't believe my eyes. Check out the photo below and see that it was completely effective. And I didn't have to wear a hazmat suit to perform the application.

The weeds were dead. And I had no fear of destroying the environment or possibly increasing the chances of contracting cancer.

I highly recommend this recipe and by the way, I love my Roundup (Fountainhead Group, New York Mills, NY) backpack sprayer.