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                                                                 IntroductionXBC diesel engine fire pump group, with foreign, domestic internal combustion engine ind

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XBC diesel engine fire pump group, with foreign, domestic internal combustion engine industry, the key backbone enterprises producing imports, domestic Cummins, Wuxi Power Plant and other diesel engines as the driving force, through the production of high-flexibility professional coupling or diaphragm coupling and water pump Direct connection, by the split control panel and programmable logic controller or diesel engine control system to achieve automatic diesel pump. Diesel engine power up to 880KW, can be equipped with different head and flow pumps for customers according to different needs to choose to use.

Diesel fire pump group has good starting characteristics, overload capacity, compact structure, easy maintenance, easy to use and so on. Unit with speeding, low oil pressure, failed to start three times, high water temperature, low oil, low battery voltage protection. At the same time with the customer's alarm or automatic fire alarm system set control cabinet connected to achieve remote monitoring capabilities.

Xbc High-Quality Diesel Fire Pump Factory Direct
Xbc High-Quality Diesel Fire Pump Factory Direct
Xbc High-Quality Diesel Fire Pump Factory Direct
Xbc High-Quality Diesel Fire Pump Factory Direct
                                                        Conditions of Use
Diesel engine fire pump water at room temperature and similar to clear water temperature is not higher than 60 ºC liquid, suitable for fire water supply and other aspects of the water supply. Automatic start without electricity, high efficiency, stable and reliable operation, easy maintenance, long life.
Fire sprinkler system water supply
Industrial and mining enterprises
City water supply
Water for life
Circulating system water supply

Speed can be adjusted according to the needs of the network system to change the water supply flow of water pressure in order to fully meet the needs of water.
High efficiency and energy saving, water supply pressure constant, simple operation Anti-interference ability.

                                                        Device Description
1, diesel fire pump group: configure a fire pump and a diesel engine
2, electric control cabinet: 1 Taiwan
3, battery: 12 volts 2
 XBC basic unit consists of diesel engine, chassis, radiator tank and fan, highly flexible coupling, water pump, diesel tank and control panel and other equipment. The pump is directly connected to the diesel engine through a highly flexible coupling or a diaphragm coupling and is mounted on a common channel chassis. Engine Cooling Engine cooling fans cool the radiator. The entire cooling system constitutes a closed cycle, the tank is also mounted on the chassis. Control panel and unit split, the two through the control cable, signal cable, power cable connection. The diesel engine power below 200KW unit tank installed directly on the unit, greater than 200KW unit with split tank. The basic type unit is suitable for the fire protection system with the pouring water source.

If the fire pump system requires water diversion function, then the basic unit can be installed on the basis of automatic water diversion device. The device can realize automatic water diversion and automatic disengagement and comply with the water diversion time specified in GB6245-98 (fire pump performance requirements and test methods). 

                                                     product description

In order to adapt to the cold climate, diesel fire pump group can be attached to AC220V cooling water preheating device.

Pump model example:

For example: XBC 8/50-ZK diesel fire pump group XBC diesel fire pump unit

50 indicates that the pump flow is 50L / s

8 indicates that the pump head lift 80m

Z indicates that the pump is an intelligent control system

K that pump single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump

Another model description of the way:

Example XBD (XBC) 16/80-D (K / L / O / S / Z)

XB-fire pump

XBD-electric fire pump unit, XBC diesel fire pump unit

16 - said the pump rated head of 160m or rated pressure of 1.6Mpa

80 - indicates that the pump rated flow of 80l / s

D-said that the pump is a multistage centrifugal pump (K / L / O / S / Z, respectively, said the pump is a single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, the vertical axis of the pump into the vertical centrifugal pump, horizontal open horizontal centrifugal pump, ).

                                                    Instructions for use

Note: Before using the diesel engine, check the operating instructions of the diesel engine, automatic control cabinet and water pump. When disagree with this manual, the instructions of diesel engine, automatic control cabinet and water pump shall prevail.

Function of folding automatic unit

1, diesel engine cooling system preheating (according to customer needs installation)

In order to ensure that the unit is put into operation at any time during the cold climate, the unit cooling water system needs to be preheated. The preheating device adopts electric heating type preheating device (AC 220V) and the water temperature can be controlled between 40 ºC ~ 55 ºC. When the unit starts to automatically start the diesel engine after receiving the fire alarm signal, the power supply of the preheating device will be automatically cut off. When the unit receives the fire alarm signal to stop the unit operation, it will automatically turn on the power of the preheating device. Artificial control, the current through the control circuit breaker, the preheating system to stop working.

2, automatic start and put into function

The main control screen is equipped with manual / automatic switch, when the unit needs to work in automatic state, the switch should dial in automatic state, the corresponding automatic work light.

In the automatic state, the computer detects the automatic operation signal (fire signal or pipe network pressure low signal), immediately put into three start the program, and then output the start signal, start the success, the first output successful start signal, then the output speed signal, at During the speed up, the speed rises from idle to rated speed, and the entire unit is in fire-fighting operation. When the first start is not successful, the interval of 5 seconds, automatically the second, third start the program. Three unsuccessful start-up, the output failed to start the signal, and lock the automatic system. After troubleshooting, first cut off the power key switch, and then connected to unlock.

3, automatic protection function

(1) Start protection: If the unit fails to start three times, it will output start failure signal and lock the automatic working system. Buzzer alarm,

(2) High water temperature protection: During the operation of the unit, if the water temperature is over 95 ºC, the buzzer will alarm immediately, the alarm light will flicker and the alarm light will turn to the light indication. At the same time diesel engine speed, delay 3 minutes after the shutdown.

(3). Low oil pressure protection: During the operation of the unit, if the oil pressure ≤0.2Mpa fails, the diesel engine will decelerate and stop immediately.

(4) Overspeed protection: When the unit is running, if the speed is more than or equal to 1750rpm (10% of the rated speed), it will send an audible and visual alarm immediately, the buzzer will alarm, the alarm light will flash, the muffler will be silenced and the audible alarm will disappear . At the same time diesel engine speed down and immediately shut down.

(5). Low fuel oil level protection: When the unit is in operation, if the fuel oil level is lower than the specified height, the buzzer will alarm immediately and the warning light will blink. Press the silencer button silencer, the sound alarm disappears, the alarm indicator light into flat instructions, until the oil level back to normal so far. If the oil level is not restored after 10 minutes, the buzzer will alarm immediately and the alarm light will blink. At the same time diesel engine speed, delay 3 minutes after the shutdown.

(6) Low battery voltage protection: When the unit is in standby status, the buzzer will alarm immediately when the battery voltage is lower than 22V (or 10V), the alarm light will flash, press the silence button to silence, and the alarm indicator will turn to flat light Instructions, and has been maintained until the voltage back to normal so far.

(7) low water level protection (option): when the unit is in the centralized control standby state or running, the water level in the fire water tank is lower than the specified height, the buzzer will alarm immediately and the diesel engine will decelerate with a delay of 3 minutes .

The above alarm signals (1), (3) and (4) have the self-locking function. Only after the on-site personnel remove the fault, can the system resume power-on and reset before the system can continue working.

Note: The above alarm function can be selected according to customer requirements downtime or non-stop.

4, automatic charging function

To ensure the unit's start-up and control of electricity, the unit uses two sets of charging device. Diesel self-charging generator in the normal operation of the battery for the battery. When the unit is in standby status, the floating charging unit in the control panel cabinet floats and charges the battery through 220V AC power, and at the same time, it ensures the power consumption of the control panel. When the unit receives the start command, it automatically cuts off the floating charging device, and when the unit automatically stops, it automatically combines with the floating charging device. The device has over-current, under-voltage, short circuit protection.

5, additional features

Based on the above basic functions, emergency manual start-up switch, automatic inspection function, dual battery and charging system, pressure recording function of pipe network system and the like can be added according to customer needs.

Preparation for folding start

(1) Diesel part:

· Diesel intake pipe connection is sealed and reliable

· Whether the exhaust bellows is free after installation

• Whether external water has been prevented from entering the diesel engine through the exhaust pipe

· Exhaust pipe is clean and free of foreign matter

· The engine room is well ventilated

Whether the cooling water treated with demineralized water or distilled water

• Whether the water filling process has been adequately vented and the tank retained 5% space

Cooling line connection is reliable and no leakage

· Whether the viscosity of the oil viscosity CC / CD grade oil selection

· Whether to add clean oil to the inlet of supercharger

• Whether to fill the oil level with the L-H of the dipstick as required

Whether the choice of fuel is 0 or -10 light diesel oil

· Fuel tank, pipeline meet the requirements

· Whether the battery meets the requirements for starting voltage and capacity of this model starter motor

· Starter connecting wire has been met the requirements

(2) pump part:

Whether the piping system has been cleaned

Pipeline added support

Pipeline system is leaking or loose

Is the packing gland too tight?

Bearing oil or grease is sufficient

If the water level on the water, the pump has been emptied of air

(3) Operation section:

· Diesel engine, switch is normal

Automatic control cabinet and the connection between the diesel engine is securely connected cable

(4) water diversion device part:

· Manual water diversion switch is normal

· Small tank whether to add enough water to draw water

· Whether the water pipeline is reliable and leak-free

                                                        Installation and maintenance

Note: Please read the instructions of diesel engine, automatic control cabinet and water pump before installation of diesel engine unit.

machine room

After the unit is installed in the engine room, there should be at least 750mm access on both sides and in front of the unit (fan water tank side) for operator's inspection and general maintenance.

Room height according to the unit height and whether there are lifting equipment and other factors, take 4-6M (effective height).

the foundation

The basic unit has three main functions, supporting the quality of the entire unit to ensure that the unit is in a horizontal state, absorbing vibration. The foundation of the unit is of concrete structure. In general the basic length and width of the unit chassis length, width and size increased by 150-250mm unilateral, depth of 300-600mm. The height of the anchor bolt protruding from the horizontal plane should be about 2 times the diameter of the bolt


Naturally ventilated rooms shall have vents and vents of adequate size in such a position that sufficient fresh air is supplied to the diesel engine for combustion within the temperature limits. The water supply radiator takes away the heat of the circulating cooling water (closed) and takes away the heat dissipated on the surface of the unit. If the natural ventilation does not meet the requirements, can take the method of forced ventilation, the inlet into the fan and exhaust fan. Fan size and room air inlet and outlet location should be able to provide diesel engine enough cold air, while taking away the hot air inside the engine room. Minimum air intake unit should be 6-7 times the amount of diesel intake.

In order to keep the environment of the engine room clean, a groove can be arranged in the middle of the foundation of the unit, and sewers can be arranged around the foundation of the unit so as to facilitate flushing sewage and diesel oil.

the exhaust pipe

Exhaust pipe to be connected to the outdoor, in order to avoid the exhaust pipe a lot of heat scattered indoors, exhaust pipe can be wrapped with asbestos material. At the same time this can also play a role of noise reduction and protection of the operator. Exhaust pipe diameter in the pipeline length of 5m or less, according to the diesel engine exhaust pipe diameter. When more than 5m. Each increase of 5m, the exhaust pipe diameter increased by 10-15%. The entire exhaust pipe elbow should be reduced as much as possible, elbow radius must be greater than 2.5 times the outer diameter of the exhaust pipe. Pipeline support should be avoided piping system vibration, should reduce the pipeline imposed on the diesel engine.

In order to reduce the unit noise, install silencer. Such as the engine room from the tank or other dangerous areas closer, the fire damper must be used. In order to prevent rainwater and foreign matter from entering the exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe outlet shall be fitted with a rain-proof cap or the outlet shall be installed downward by 30 °.
the pipeline

To prevent damage to the pump, clean the tubing before the pump tubing is connected. Out of the water pipe should be another support stand, may not take the unit body support.

The pump suction line should be short and straight. The pipe diameter should be greater than or equal to the diameter of the suction inlet of the pump. The elbow radius of the suction pipe of the pump should be made as large as possible.

The connection between the pump and the pipe should ensure a good air tightness. Especially the inlet pipe, must ensure strict sealing, and the device should not have the possibility of storing the air.

The inlet pipe should be set on the valve, whether it is used pool irrigation or diversion, should be installed in the appropriate location filter.

Note: due to the unit at start-up and emergency shutdown, water hammer impact is relatively large. To prevent the impact of water hammer and vibration of the unit on the connecting pipe and pump damage, pump inlet and outlet must be installed between the flexible connector.

machine room electricity

Automatic units, such as pre-heating device (2.5KW) and automatic charging device (0.75KW), you must arrange near the control cabinet AC 220V, 3.5KW power supply.

control cabinet

The position of the automatic control cabinet should not be arranged directly in front of the radiator of the diesel engine because the hot air blown out by the radiator may affect the normal operation of the electric appliances in the control cabinet.

Control cabinet should be arranged on both sides of the unit to facilitate the operation of the unit when the manual state.

Between the control cabinet and the unit and between the main unit and the control cabinet are connected by cables, so the cable duct or cable tray must be arranged in the corresponding position. The connection length between diesel engine and control cabinet shall not exceed 35 meters.

Note: Due to transportation and other reasons, the diesel engine unit may cause the coaxiality of the unit to be offset. Therefore, the unit must be installed on the basis of re-proofing unit coaxiality, in the two coupling round of different concentricity tolerance of 0.1mm, the gap along the circumference of the end surface of the gap tolerance of 0.3mm, to ensure that the unit The normal operation. 

                                                  Automated operation

1, automatic unit manual operation

(1) The unit is started

Switch off the float charger and preheater before starting.

a. manual / automatic switch to manual transmission;

b. the main switch connected to the system power;

c. Press the start button until the diesel engine is started.

(2) Unit operation

With water diversion device:

a. Turn on the manual water diversion switch

b. press the speed up button, the engine speed from idle to rated speed;

c. When the water diversion is successful, turn off the manual water diversion switch.

Without diversion device:

Engine idle speed for some time press the button, the engine speed from idle to rated speed.

(3) Unit shutdown

a. Pump outlet valve should be gradually closed to reduce the load

b. Press down button to decrease the engine speed to idle speed;

c. Work at idle for 3-5 minutes, depress the stop button until the diesel engine stops working.

2, automatic unit automatic operation

The manual / automatic switch to the automatic transmission, the automatic unit in the automatic working condition. Also turn the clutch switch to the on position. Turn on the power switch.

The unit detects the automatic operation of the signal (fire alarm signal), the unit will automatically start working procedures, work procedures are as follows: (with water diversion device)

Automatic signal (fire alarm signal) is cut off Automatic charge circuit and cooling water pre-heating circuit output Start signal output Combined with diversion switch signal Output speed increase signal to make diesel engine run at rated speed System detects water pressure switch signal at outlet of pump and closes water diversion The switch system is in the state of unit operation monitoring and detects the automatic stop signal (fire alarm signal is canceled or the counter stop button is pressed). The idle signal is delayed for 3 minutes to output the stop signal.

After the system program receives the automatic stop signal (or the fire cancel signal), the automatic charging device and the cooling water preheating device are reset after the shutdown process.

Unit without automatic water diversion device, the working procedures in the above basically the same. Just cancel the water diversion part of the operation.

If there are multiple units forming primary and secondary machine system, when the automatic system is working, if the system monitoring is faulty and automatically shut down, it will automatically switch to the secondary machine so that the secondary machine is put into automatic operation. At the same time the host will output a fault signal.


Because each diesel engine fire pump factory, are equipped with diesel engines, automatic control cabinet, pump manual, therefore, the relevant structural parameters, performance indicators, maintenance, wearing parts, accessories, characteristic curves and so on, please refer directly The corresponding manual, and reference to its common fault analysis table, find and troubleshoot. According to NFPA20 (96 edition), the diesel engine fire pump must be started once a week, and each start must be carried with load until the diesel engine cooling water temperature reaches the normal operating temperature, running time is not less than 30 minutes.

Maintenance of the unit In addition to the above mentioned, should pay attention to the following points:

1, pay attention to the diesel engine in the cold season, pump insulation, to prevent the water temperature is low and frozen equipment. Room temperature should be maintained at 5 ºC above.

2, the battery for the first time before use, add enough battery fluid should be charged.

3, check the diesel battery voltage every day.

4, after running for a period of time, check the muffler and exhaust pipe, remove carbon deposits to prevent sparks.

5, after running for a period of time, check the pump packing seal is worn, if necessary, timely replacement. Check the pump for grease loss.

6, the unit should be tested on a more regular basis, because the foundation sinking, aging, bearing wear and tear, thermal deformation, load changes in the structure of the building are likely to affect the unit more straight.

7, the storage tank should be kept as full as possible, but never less than 50% of the tank capacity. When filling, make sure to exclude water [1] points and impurities.
fault phenomenonfailure causeelimination methods
 1.No power supply or one or two phase power supply is needed 
Check all phases of power supply and restore power supply
 2.Poor contact of ac contactor and burning of coil 
Repair or replace contactors
can not start3.
The power switch is not closed, malfunction or damaged
Close the switch and replace it if the power indicator does not turn on
Thermal relay trip or damage
Check whether the motor is blocked, find out the reason and eliminate it.Manual reset is replaced if it cannot be started
 Water level is too low 
Put water in the sink
 The motor burned 
Repair or replace the motor
 1.Line is loose 
Check wiring and tighten connectors
 2.Frequency converter malfunctionCheck the fault content, check the cause according to the frequency converter manual, and restart after reset.Or disconnect the inverter power supply for a few seconds, the inverter fault reset before starting.
The manual is normal3The frequency converter is damagedRepair or replace
Automatic transmission failure4.Pressure switch damageRepair or replace
 5The pressure transmitter is damagedRepair or replace
 6.Switch failureRepair or replace
Pump non - suction pressure gauge pointer to beat violentlyInsufficient water supply for perfusion, air leakage at the connection between pipeline and instrumentCheck pipeline and bottom valve, refill water diversion. Tighten air leakage
The pump consumes too much power
Too much flow, impeller wear
Check whether the pump shaft is bent, replace the impeller, close the outlet valve to reduce the flow

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