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2022-07-01 19:48:49 By : Ms. Jessie Zeng

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If you work on a farm, golf course, or other large property, your arm may get sore just thinking about working a manual pump backpack sprayer. Battery power is an attractive alternative and the DeWalt 20V Max cordless backpack sprayer offers to take over the hard work.

First of all, you can use almost any DeWalt 20V Max battery for power and the battery door has a gasket to keep liquids out. FlexVolt batteries up to 12 Ah fit, but we’re not sure about the 15 Ah pack. 4 gallons of liquid is already pretty hefty, so it’s up to you whether you want the longer runtime of a high-capacity battery or to shed a couple of pounds with a compact pack.

Similar to the Milwaukee SwitchTank backpack sprayer, you activate power to the sprayer with a switch on the side. Underneath it, there’s a Variflo variable power dial to choose the amount of spraying force you want. Both are accessible while wearing the sprayer.

To adjust your spray pattern, DeWalt includes five fixed nozzles plus an adjustable brass nozzle that stores conveniently on the wand.

So, what kinds of chemicals it can handle? The answer lies in the Viton seals DeWalt uses. Here’s a list of what you can expect to use the sprayer for:

We had two samples in for testing and both had various issues. The first sample had a leaking wand which didn’t seal up when we tightened the fittings. The second unit leaked underneath the tank—likely a missing or shifted seal, hose, or gasket. In either case, we like the concept and design of the DeWalt DXSP190681 backpack sprayer, but find it difficult to recommend at this time. Hopefully, DeWalt irons out the issues—or perhaps we had really bad luck and got the only two leaky samples in the country.

DeWalt offers the backpack sprayer as a kit with a 2.0 Ah battery and charger for $269.99. Compared to the Milwaukee Switch Tank system with kits starting at $399, it’s significantly less expensive, though it doesn’t have some of the features such as the ability to swap tanks. We’ve also been using the Milwaukee Switch Tank for well over a year without any issues.

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FYI: DeWalt themselves does not make this backpack sprayer. It’s a licensed product sold by these guys: So it will not have the same warranty through DeWalt.

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