Knowledge for domestic production of screw pumps for steam turbines achieved - Tehran Times

2022-03-11 10:04:13 By : Ms. Alice wang

TEHRAN – Iranian engineers managed to achieve the knowledge for the manufacturing of three-screw pumps that are used to pump lube oil for steam turbine bearings, IRNA reported.

As reported, the first produced pump has been successfully installed in a steam turbine of Shahid Salimi (Neka) Power Plant in northern Mazandaran Province.

According to Hossein-Ali Taziki, who is a deputy manager at the mentioned power plant, before Iran, only a few developed countries like Sweden, the U.S., Germany, and the UK had access to the knowledge for manufacturing such pumps.

A screw pump is an axial-flow gear pump, similar in operation to a rotary screw compressor. Three types of screw pumps include the single-screw, two-screw, and three-screw.

In the single-screw pump, a spiraled rotor rotates eccentrically in an internal stator. The two-screw pump consists of two parallel intermeshing rotors rotating in a housing machined to close tolerances. The three-screw pump consists of a central-drive rotor with two meshing idler rotors; the rotors turn inside of a housing machined to close tolerances.

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