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2022-06-04 00:18:34 By : Ms. Erin Tan

MALVERN, PA, June 1, 2022 — AGF Manufacturing is excited to introduce its new Ultimate RISERPACK Kits. These floor control add-on kits are available for AGF’s commercial steel RISERPACK models 8000, 8011, and 8611. Choose from three Ultimate Kit options. Add a gear-operated, slow-close, butterfly valve with tamper switch, check valve, or both butterfly valve and check valve. With the addition of an Ultimate Kit, the Ultimate RISER PACK is a complete floor control assembly that saves time and money on system installations.

AGF’s RISERPACKs are compact, fully assembled risers. Models 8000, 8011, and 8611 meet NFPA 13 requirements for wet pipe fire sprinkler systems. They feature a TESTanDRAIN Model 2500 or 2511A for system testing and draining. NFPA 13 standards require the addition of a pressure relief valve on all wet systems. All model 8011 and 8611 RISERPACKs include AGF’s Model 7000L pressure relief valve. The Model 7000L has a lock-out feature that facilitates hydrostatic testing without removing the relief valve from the system to help save valuable installation time.

The Ultimate Kit comes in three options: BFV kit which includes a gear-operated butterfly control valve with tamper, CKV kit which includes a check valve, or BFVCKV kit which includes a butterfly control valve and check valve. Each Ultimate Kit comes pre-assembled on 2”, 2½”, 3” and 4” RISERPACKs; 6” and 8” kits come semi-assembled for ease of installation due to weight. All kit components can be repositioned in the field to accommodate installation location positioning requirements. Install Ultimate RISERPACK models vertically or horizontally. All kit components can be replaced by off-the-shelf parts and are easily retrofitted back onto the system. To learn more about the Ultimate RISERPACK kits, visit

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