Danville aldermen approve Fagen property plats

2022-05-13 23:39:25 By : Mr. Jordan Dai

Apr. 21—DANVILLE — The Danville City Council Tuesday night approved semi-final and final subdivision plats for 3202 N. Vermilion St. to make way for new uses where Fagen Auto Parts sits.

The Fagen Auto Parts property will see the building demolished, and the property separated into two parcels for two new businesses. Planned are a 7 Brew drive-thru coffee shop and Take 5 oil change business.

Aldermen also approved Crosspoint Human Services' rezoning request to amend the city's zoning map from R-3 single-family residential zoning to B-1 neighborhood business zoning for the property at 312 Chandler St. to be parking.

In other business, the council approved:

* A $1.368 million contract with Performance Pipelining Inc. for sanitary sewer lining and manhole work.

* A $227,000 professional services agreement with Fehr Graham for Phase 1 preliminary engineering for pedestrian path extension along Voorhees Street, Bowman Avenue and Michigan Avenue and amending the 2021-2022 East Voorhees Tax Increment Financing fund budget.

* Authorizing budget amendments in finance for hotel-motel and sales tax contingency payments.

* Authorizing application for a Capital Assistance Grant for four buses through the Illinois Department of Transportation's Consolidated Vehicle Procurement Program.

* Accepting right-of-way at Lakeside Drive and Sheral Drive, from Pat and Elaine O'Shaughnessy, for relocation of the existing water main line to rehabilitate the sanitary sewer pump station that serves the Lakeside Drive area.

* Rescinding the land swap for 519 W. and 614 W. Williams St. and modifying consideration of purchasing 519 W. Williams St. for $10,000 from Frederick Neubert for the West Williams realignment project.

* Rejecting a $69,786 bid from B.E.C. Mechanical Inc. for a homelessness project for electrical improvements and heat/air mini-splits for the Danville Rescue Mission.

* Authorizing application to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity's RISE (Research in Illinois to Spur Economic Recovery) local and regional planning grant program for up to $150,000 for a downtown Danville revitalization and connectivity plan.

* Purchasing two pickup trucks for $64,373, to replace to older sedans with more than 100,000 miles on each, and a light duty operations truck for an amount not to exceed $35,000 from National Auto Fleet Group of Watsonville, Calif.

* Accepting a $3,000 FM Global Fire Prevention Grant for hydrocarbon monitor for investigations and fire prevention materials, and a budget amendment for the fire division.

* Accepting a $4,717 Illinois Department of Public Health EMS Assistance Grant for new AED and portable suction aspirators, and budget amendment for the fire division.

* A change in the police mechanic's hours to what is worked instead of the same as public works employees in the collective bargaining agreement with Local 703 — laborers.

VALENTYNA ROMANENKO The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi demonstrated 155 mm artillery calibre type M777 howitzers in action. These were provided to the Ukrainian military by the US Presidential Administration.

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