New $2.3M water pump station coming to West Milton

2022-05-13 23:40:35 By : Mr. Eason Du

May 12—WEST MILTON — Pennsylvania American Water will be building a new $2.3 million water pump station along Old U.S. 15 in West Milton, Union County, beginning later this month, said company spokeswoman Susan Turcmanovich, on Thursday.

The pump will replace the original pump station, built 55 years ago on River Road. "This investment in our infrastructure will increase the reliability of the water supply in the area and allow Pennsylvania Water Company to meet the increased water demands of the community the company serves," Turcmanovich explained in a written statement.

"The original pump station serving the area was built in 1967 and is located in a flood plain," said Ewoud Hulstein, Pennsylvania water project manager.

"It's always a good thing to make infrastructure upgrades," said Union County Commissioner Preston Boop, early Thursday evening." Boop, however, was not privy to the details of the project he said, only hearing about it on Thursday.

"So far as I know, Pennsylvania Water Company did not contact the commissioners before announcing the project," Boop said. "I'm just hearing about it today (Thursday)."

Crews will be working weekdays, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Customer water service will not be impacted while the upgrades are underway.

An onsite emergency generator will help provide continued water service during a power outage. Approximately 2,400 feet of new 12-inch pipe will be installed along Old U.S. 15 and High Street, connecting the new pump station to the water distribution system.

The current pump station on River Road will be taken out of service, and the demolition of the facility is scheduled for early 2023.

The infrastructure upgrade project is not only an important investment in public health and safety, it also helps support the economic health of the communities served by Pennsylvania Water Company, Turcmanovich said.

Economic impact studies show that for every $1 million invested in water infrastructure, about 15 jobs are generated throughout the economy.

"Through our continued investments, Pennsylvania American Water's 2021 and 2022 infrastructure upgrade projects will support more than 3,700 jobs each year," said Turcmanovich.

Statewide, Pennsylvania American Water invested approximately $373 million in 2021 alone to improve water and wastewater treatment and pipeline systems.

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