Best price forged plastic air operated diaphragm pump

Air Operated (Pneumatic)Diaphragm PumpProduct nameAir Operated (Pneumatic)Diaphragm PumpPump Size06=1/4 inch, 10=3/8 inch, 15=1/2 inch, 20=3/4 inch25=1 inch, 40=1.5 inch, 50=2 inch, 80=3 inchCenter blockAL=Aluminum, PP=PP, SS=SS304Pump bodyPP=PP, KV=PVDF, PM=POM, AL=AluminumSS=SS304, LL=SS316, AC=Cast iron, TF=TeflonDiaphragmTF=

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Air Operated (Pneumatic)Diaphragm Pump
Best Price Sweage Plastic Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump
Product nameAir Operated (Pneumatic)Diaphragm Pump
Pump Size06=1/4 inch, 10=3/8 inch, 15=1/2 inch, 20=3/4 inch
25=1 inch, 40=1.5 inch, 50=2 inch, 80=3 inch
Center blockAL=Aluminum, PP=PP, SS=SS304
Pump bodyPP=PP, KV=PVDF, PM=POM, AL=Aluminum
SS=SS304, LL=SS316, AC=Cast iron, TF=Teflon
DiaphragmTF=Teflon, ST=Santoprene, HY=Hytrel, VT=Viton
BN=Buna-N, EP=EPDM, GE=Geolast
Warranty12 months

Performance Introduction
MK Pneumatic diaphragm pump can not only pump liquids and powders, but also some mediums that usually hard to flow. It prossesses the advantages self-priming pump, submerged pump, shielding pump, slurry pump, impurity pump and other transportation machines.
1.No need to pilot water, suction lift up to 7m, pump head up to 80m, outlet pressure≥0.8MPa.

2.Spacious flowing way with good through-pass performance, the largest size of particles allowed can be up to         9.4mm. While pumping slurry and impurity, the abrasion is very low.

3.The pump head and capacity can be adjusted via the pressure of air source(between 0.1-0.84MPa).

4.Temperature range of working environment: 5 to 65ºC
5.The pump has no rotating parts and shaft seals. The diaphragms separate the pumped medium from moving part and working medium absolutely, so that the pumped medium does not leak to outside. So there are no risks of environment pollution and personal injury while pumping poisonous, volatile or corrosive media.

6.It works without electricity and is safe and reliabe in inflammable and explosive conditions.

7.Can be immerged into the medium.

8.Easy to use and works reliably. To turn on/off the pump, just open and close the air valve. Even in cases of unexpected long-term operation without medium or sudden shutdown, it will not be damaged. Once overloaded, it has self-protecting function and will shut down automatically. As long as the load goes back to normal, it starts up automatically again.

9.Simple structure, less vulnerable parts. The pump has a simple structure design not contact with moving parts such as air-distributing valve and link rod, so the performance will not go worse with the abrasion of rotors, pistons, gears and vanes as other types of pumps.

10.Can pump the viscous liquids(viscosity below 10000 centipoise).

11.Without lubrication. There are no effects to the pump in dry operation mode. This is key feature of the pump.

Best Price Sweage Plastic Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump
Best Price Sweage Plastic Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump
Best Price Sweage Plastic Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump
Best Price Sweage Plastic Air-Operated Diaphragm Pump
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Q:Can you supply pump qualified with ANSI and ASME standard?
A:Yes, our pump compliant with ISO / ASME/ANSI standard.

Q:How to customize pumps and mechanical seals ?
A:Customers could send us application data, we will select suitable pump and seal types, or client could send us drawings, We are well in OEM and ODM.

Q:How can I pay for my items? What is the payment you can provide?
A:Usually by T/T, 30% down payment once PI confirmed, the balance will be paid after inspection and before shipment. L/C at sight

Q:How long is warranty?
A:1 year for main construction warranty.

Q:How long is production lead time?
A:Normally we have stock, if some special we don't have stock, 2-3 working days we could finish assembly.

Q:What is the shipping terms you can provide?
A:Depnends on customer's requirements, we can provide different transportantin terms, such as EXW, FOB, CIF.

Q:Who is in charge of after-sales?
A:SUNPACE has professional after sales service team, we will follow up the client's comments and suggest them good solutions. Solve client's problems and keeping the clients profit.

Q:Who is in charge of maintenance?
A:Local agent. If pump running has any problem on site, our local agent will arrival the plant within 24 hours

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