Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Fire UAV System Fire UAV

Firefighting UAV Working Together with Payloads Fire Extinguishing BombsProduct FeaturesCarbon fiber integrated molding with high rigidity and light weight; supports more than 65 minutes flight time.Innovative upturned arm design for flying stability and strength, ensuring wind tolerance up to 14 m/s.Able to fly a

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Firefighting UAV Working Together with Payloads Fire Extinguishing Bombs

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones

Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones

Product Features
  • Carbon fiber integrated molding with high rigidity and light weight; supports more than 65 minutes flight time.
  • Innovative upturned arm design for flying stability and strength, ensuring wind tolerance up to 14 m/s.
  • Able to fly at elevation of 5000m (16500 ft).
  • Full HD 1080i/P real time video transmission.
  • Detachable structure, get ready to fly within 5 minutes.
  • Highly integrated rainproof gimbal unit with good rain performance.
  • Intelligent flying control system, supports manual precision control and autonomous flight.
  • Technical Parameters
    Diagonal wheelbase1600 mm
    Standard take-off weight9.8 kg
    Max take-off weight14.4 kg
    Max payload weight≥5 kg
    Flight time≥65 min (@9.8kg)
    Wind loading rating14 m/s
    Max flight speed15 m/s
    Relative flight speed1000 m
    Max working altitude5000 m
    GPS position accuracyvertical: ±1.5 m
    horizontal: ±2 m
    Remote control distance7 km(up to the environment)
    GS control distance10 km
    Center Frame Packing Case Dimensions1150 x 440 x 500 mm
    Frame Arm Packing Case Dimensions1120 x 540 x 380 mm
3-axis Ternary Camera payload YT-3G-30X
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones

  1. 30* optical zoom;
  2. 1080P HD output;
  3. Real-time switching of visible and thermal imaging video;
  4. Direct control of drone signals, integrated transmitter for video compression encoding and real time HD output;
  5. Pointing zoom function;
  6. Temperature detection and alarm function, ranging function, target positioning and tracking function;
  7. The control speed is automatically adjusted according to the focal length to ensure the user experience.
Technical Specification
Power supplyWorking voltageDC11V~DC13V
Maximum current2.1A@DC12V
GimbalGimbal title angle-90°~+30°
Gimbal yaw direction±165°
Angle control accuracy±0.02°
Maximum angular velocity control speedPitch: 12°/s, yaw: 12°/s
Target positioningSelf-contained laser ranging module, the farthest distance measurement is 1.5KM, and the positioning accuracy radius is 25M.
Tracking functionWith target tracking function, it can track selected people or objects.
TransmitterWorking frequency range328~352MHz/560~760MHz/
(See the body label for details)
RF bandwidth2/3/4/6/7/8MHz
Output power12~30dBm adjustable, step 1dB
Power flatnessFull band ≤2dB, ≤1dB within 8MHz
C/N≥28dB @ 27dBm
RS232 data interfaceStandard RS232 level,
support 1200~115200 bps
HDMIVersion HDMI 1.4a
EncodingAudio and video bitrates64,96,112,128,160,192,224,256,320,384Kbps adjustable
Audio codingMpeg1 Layer 2
Format YCbCr4:2:0
Video codingH.264
Video bitrate500kbps~16.68Mbps adaptive
Encoding delay (end-to-end)Minimum 300ms (with low-latency receiver)
HD cameraSensor (30*zoom) 1/5.8 inch, CMOS
Total pixel2.16 megapixels
Resolution1920(H)X 1080(V)
optical zoom30*zoom
Video compressionH.265/H.264/H.264H
HDMI outputDefault 1080 P30
Thermal ImagingDetector typeAmorphous silicon infrared micrometer
Pixel spacing17 μm
Response band8~14μm
Lens focal length25mm
Electronic zoomMaximum 8*
Laser RangingWavelength905nm (human eye safety)
Irradiation distance3-1600M
Beam divergence angle3.2mrad
Laser ranging distance1.5m
Working temperature-40°C~60°C
Storage temperature-45°C~65°C
HumidityWorking normally in a hot humid environment of 70% ± 2% @ 40 ° C
Physical size(30 *zoom)
L* W* H: about 146 * 146 * 177mm;
Weight1.0kg ± 0.05kg

Handheld Ground Station K2
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones

K2 is a handheld ground station integrated with industrial three-proof computer and digital radio remote control system. It supports dual-system platform software development with functions of drone and gimbal payload remote control, real-time flight status and remote state feedback, and route planning. Industrial-grade computer and military-grade transmission links not only ensure the safety and stability of aircraft control, but also guarantee the easy operation and portable transportation.

  1. Google Earth full-screen display, precise setting of waypoint tasks and support for real-time modification of waypoints, flight path/critical event SD card storage and information playback;
  2. Support one-button take-off, one-button cruise, one-button return, one-button landing, emergency landing and other shortcut keys, friendly operation interface, full voice alarm prompt, support automatic route planning, tilt photography parameter setting, remote flight control;
  3. The ground station system adopts embedded processor with powerful performance, smooth operation, low power consumption design and long working time;
  4. Support H.264/H.265 HD real-time decoding and multiple code stream transmission protocols;
  5. The device adopts 8-inch screen with 1280*720 resolution, high-sensitivity capacitive touch screen; support glove touch & waterproof touch, and is easy to operate;
  6. Internal integrated with data transmission link; low power consumption, intelligent frequency hopping and strong anti-interference; the effective control distance 5km;
  7. It has a communication expansion interface, which can be connected to the individual combat system through the interface to realize ultra-long-distance image transmission, data transmission and flight control;
  8. The handheld remote control is light in weight, small in size, and easy to carry.
Technical Specifications
Operating systemWin10
 Communication frequency800MHZ/1.4GHz/2.4GHz
Touch penActive capacitive touch pen (optional)
Display7inch IPS 800CCD
Remote control distance5-10km (subject to the environment
Resolution1280× 800
RF power250mW (adjustable)
ProcessorIntel Celeron N3160
Remote control delay10ms
Battery capacity7.4V/4000mah
Battery working time Work at full load for 1 hour
WeightAbout 1000g

GCS Ground Station Software(English version optional)
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones
  1.  Real-time video display and Google Earth map view at the same time, aircraft location positioning
  2. Google Earth full screen display, accurately set waypoint tasks and support real-time modification of waypoints
  3. Support one-button take-off, one-button cruise, one-button return, one-button landing, emergency landing and other shortcut keys with friendly interface
  4. Flight path/critical event SD card storage and information playback to reproduce the flight process of the aircraft
  5. Full voice alarm prompt, support automatic route planning, tilt photography parameter setting and remote manual control
  6. Support H.264, H.265 HD real-time decoding with multiple code stream transmission protocols
Integrated Ground Station System SPELL-IG/A
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones

The SPELL-IG/A integrated ground station system can edit map waypoints, plan flight routes and achieve real-time flight attitude feedback. Designed for over-the-horizon flight, the product is used in emergency rescue, detection, aerial photography and other fields. The SPELL-IG/A integrated ground station system not only ensures the stable flight state and safety of the drone, but also makes the interface easy to operate. The drone can fly according to the flight route set in the ground station software in advance. The set route could be modified in the ground station software during the flight to achieve autonomous flight.

The system adopts a portable suitcase design, which integrates digital radio and video transmission modules and can be quickly deployed and installed in a short time. The ground station features a high-brightness display that delivers crisp images even in bright light environments. The device has a built-in high-definition video receiver, which can display the aerial picture in real time on the display screen and with a voice prompt function, which makes the operator more targeted when performing tasks.

  1. The ground station system uses the Intel i7 processor, which has powerful performance and smooth operation;
  2. High brightness display, low reflectivity, visible under strong light;
  3. Keyboard with touch pad and left and right mouse buttons for easy operation;
  4. Built-in 900MHz digital radio with automatic frequency hopping capability to effectively avoid external interference;
  5. Receive high-definition video of the transmitter on the aircraft and real-time display it;
  6. Support HDMI high-definition video output, can be used to connect large-screen display;
  7. Support local and front-end video recording and storage;
  8. Suitcase-style structure with tripod support, small in size and light in weight;
  9. Equipped with high-gain antenna to increase the distance of video transmission and digital radio.

Technical Specifications
Ground station motherboardCPUIntel i7 processor
Digital radioFrequency rangeFrequency range 902-928MHz
Power output100mW-1W
Receiving sensitivity≤-101dBm@115200bps
Interface baud rate115200bps
Air baud rate230400bps
Video receivingFrequency range170MHz-850MHz
Receiving sensitivity≤-92 dBm@8MHz
≤-95 dBm@2MHz
RF bandwidth2/4/6/7/8MHz optional
Output interfaceUSB2
LAN port3
Display screen13.3 inchResolution 1920x1080, highlight with touch function
Power supplyWorking voltageDC19V
Working current≤4.4A
Working time>4.5 hours
Battery modelBP-4S4P-3400
Battery nominal voltage14.4V
Battery capacity13.4Ah
Battery charging voltage16.8V±0.05V
Battery charging modeCC/CV
(constant current / constant voltage)
Battery charging current2.5A±100mA

Brief introduction drone marine surveillance use

Through wireless data transmission link, the drone with different mission payloads can transmit the site information not only to the information processing and analysis system on the ground station that can forward the target information to the command center simultaneously, but also to the nearby cruise ships for quick response to the tasks. By dynamic surveillance and real time tracing on the maritime emergencies, ocean disaster and change of maritime environment, it offers real time field data for marine forecasters to make rapid alert, providing a scientific decision basis and solution for the maritime management department.

Regular patrol ships have disadvantages of low speed, narrow view, long patrol intervals and big limitation to natural conditions. Manned patrol aircrafts are influenced by the restriction of air traffic control with high use cost. However, the drone for maritime patrol features for low purchasing cost, low ground support requirements, strong maneuverability and no personnel security risks. More importantly, it offers a broad view, fast reaction and high work efficiency. The sea, the land and the air trinity comprehensive coverage can be realized when cooperated with Vessel Traffic System( VTS), patrol boats and law enforcement vessels, pushing the maritime static supervision gradually to the three dimensional supervision mode with dynamic static integration. 

Marine environment surveillance
Spilled oil monitoring: cooperate with the sea patrol boats to make surveillance on the oil field work boats by using the drone to gather evidence of the spilled oil and chemical accidents. According to the task equipments like sensor and so on, the drone enables to monitor the sea pollution drift and diffusion situation, locate the sudden oil spill, and to estimate the oil spill area and drift path.

Emergency action: after oil spill and chemical accident, the drone can arrive at the accident scene at regular time and real time transmit the field scene to the command center.

Emission monitoring: through irregular night inspection to restrain night concealed emission.

Animal protection: irregular patrol on the protection sea for timely detection of stealing and poaching behavior.

Red tide monitoring and analysis: locate red tide area and ration red tide area.

Aftersales service
Offer local pilot training. Training course includes drone theory knowledge,field demo,practical flight training,drone maintenance and so on.
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Firefighting Uav Systems Firefighting Drones

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