Man found floating at Rose Hall Estate was murdered - Stabroek News

2022-08-12 20:17:15 By : Mr. Richard Wang-Tyre Supplier

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The Canefield Settlement, East Canje, Berbice estate worker, Aangraj Kumar Indrapal, who was found floating in the pump station where he was working aback the Rose Hall Estate on Friday morning, died from manual strangulation a post- mortem examination revealed yesterday.

Commander of Region Six, Boodnarine Persaud yesterday confirmed the results of the post mortem and noted that one person was arrested.

Indrapal, also known as ‘Charles,’ 59, of Lot 940 New Area Canefield Settlement, East Canje, Berbice, a watchman and grill service man was stationed at the Number 3 Pump Station located at the rear of the estate with the suspect, a pump operator, who had initially claimed that Indrapal exited the pump station around 3 am on Friday to relieve himself.

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